Losing a love one to cancer

Rebecca is 42 and mother-of-two a year-and-a-half ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer which she is unfortunately losing her battle with the disease. Now she is facing her final expenses and cost of living their final days on a hospice waiting list. My name is Dale, her husband and I cannot go back to work because she cannot be left without assistance. In this battle she has lost most of her mobility when her condition turned for the worst and had a stroke. She can no longer do basic things such as standing or even sitting up right. Mentally, she has trouble speaking for half of her body has most function with her brain swelling more and more it’s hard to maintain her pain levels with medication. Making constant care a necessity in her final days. Sometimes I wish I would have done things different all the choices were hers but the consequences all of us had to bare . It’s not easy watching someone die slowly we all tried to talk to her her but she would not listen before accepting treatment she decided to do a bucket list and that was her undoing because you should not delay treatment at  all. Once you have detected cancer you have to get rid of it before it metastasizes. Early detection and not wasting anytime makes a big difference.But you can ‘t  force her she’s a very strong minded person and it takes a lot of convincing to get her to move.  In my case I tried to support her and reassure her not to worry about her hair because it would not make me love her less .

Beginnings and endings

Here I Go Again starting out has been through this many times starting a new workout I’ve had to start over time and time again for many different reasons but this time I would have to say it’s for medical reasons when I say start over again it wouldn’t really be an accurate way to describe it because for some people what I call taking a break would be an actual work out since even though I took breaks I still working out on some level but not at such a high level low-level workout could be as simple as a long walk walking the dog a bike ride are even throwing a football